How to set up your MONEI account

Thank you for your interest in integrating your e-commerce store with our digital payments solution! Our goal is to help you offer your customers as many payment methods as possible within one single platform. 

In the last few months, we’ve experienced a considerable increase in users — we can’t wait to help more merchants with online payments. Our team is working hard to speed up the onboarding process. We appreciate your patience during this exciting time.

Ready to get started? After you've registered here, you must activate your account. Learn more about how to get started with MONEI here

Once you've activated your account, you can configure payment methods in MONEI

If you’re based in Spain and have Redsys credentials, start here: 

NOTE: With Redsys credentials, you can skip the approval process and set up your account immediately.

At this time, if you’re based in Spain and have Redsys credentials, you can onboard automatically to start accepting credit card payments.

Why? You must have a merchant account (also known as TPV virtual or merchant code/ID) to accept online payments. If you have Redsys credentials, you already have this, so you can onboard now. Go here for onboarding instructions with Redsys credentials.

If you're based in Spain, but don’t have Redsys credentials, start here: 

You can learn more about what a TPV Virtual is and how to get one here. You can either get your TPV from Redsys or from your bank. If your TPV Virtual is not from Redsys contact us and we can help you set up your MONEI account. 

The only payment method that you can configure without a TPV Virtual is PayPal. Learn more here

We also suggest that you take a look at the requirements to activate your MONEI account

If you’re an Andorra based business, start here: 

MONEI partners with Crèdit Andorrà to simplify digital payments for Andorran e-commerce business. If you’re an Andorra based business, learn how to create your MONEI account here

If you’re not based in Spain or Andorra, start here: 

MONEI’s global expansion is happening fast. Your country might be next! To get updates as soon as we’re available in your country, please fill in this form

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