Requirements to activate your MONEI account

Because MONEI is a payment gateway provider, we’re legally obligated to do detailed checks on your company before we approve your account. This includes information about its shareholders and your business model.

Depending on your country, different documentation is required to open your MONEI account.


If your business is in Spain, you must have the following information to activate your MONEI account. Once your account is activated, you'll be able to configure payment methods.

  • Legal business name 
  • Tax Identification Number (CIF)
  • Business IBAN
  • TPV Virtual (also known as a merchant code or merchant ID)

Click here to learn what a TPV Virtual is and why you need it.

I have Redsys credentials

If you already have a TPV Virtual from Redsys you can activate your MONEI account now. Go here for instructions


MONEI partners with Crèdit Andorrà to simplify digital payments for Andorran e-commerce business. If you’re an Andorra based business, learn how to create your MONEI account here.

All other countries

MONEI’s global expansion is happening fast. Your country might be next! To get updates as soon as we’re available in your country, join our mailing list here.

Is your website compliant? Review the website checklist here. Following these recommendations reduces your business’ risk of customer confusion and disputes. It also helps you meet our standards at MONEI and the standards that are set by the credit card networks.

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