How does MONEI handle chargebacks?

We will work with you, along with the customer’s credit card company, to resolve chargebacks in the most simple and business-friendly way possible.

Once we receive a notification about the disputed charge, we will alert you via email. Usually, the cardholder’s bank will refund the charge immediately; in turn, we will withdraw the amount from your account as well as an additional fee. If the charge dispute is resolved in your favor, we will refund the fee to you.

Responding to disputes

We provide guidance on evidence submission so you can accumulate the appropriate texts and images. Submit all the evidence you believe is relevant right away, instead of offering to include it if necessary.

Click on the charge you’d like to respond to in order to get more information about the charge and why it has been disputed. You can click “Respond to Dispute” to submit your evidence. This is how you can prove that the charge is legitimate.

Banks will usually take 60-75 days to resolve a dispute.

There is no appeal process for SEPA Direct Debit payments. If a chargeback is made within an 8-week period, it is automatically honored.

What to submit

Different evidence will be suitable for different cases. You’ll want to provide the appropriate evidence for each case. Web logs, shipment tracking numbers, customer service emails, and proof of prior refunds can all be useful evidence for challenging chargebacks. MONEI will submit any information we can provide to the customer’s credit card company.

Make sure you include all your evidence in your initial submission. Banks will not follow external links or look at files uploaded elsewhere and can’t be expected to call a contact number or click through for more information.

For every excuse you hope to win, it’s necessary to submit evidence. This is extremely important, even if a customer has said that they will withdraw the dispute.

Avoiding Chargebacks

Minimizing the likelihood of chargebacks is the best way to deal with them. Often chargebacks are the results of fraud. The more checks you have in place to catch fraudulent activity, the less likely that you’ll have a charge that results in a dispute.

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