MONEI has 2 prices depending on where your business is based.

US business based:
Comission: Interchange + 5 (*)
Settlement: Daily

EUR business based:
1,39 % + 0,24 € (for European Credit Cards)
2,89 % + 0,24 € (for NON European Credit Cards)
Settlement: Daily

*MONEI's Interchange plus pricing is the most competitive rate found on the Internet and adds just 5 basis points and 5 cents per transaction above Standard Interchange Rates. This plan is specifically geared towards customers with an average ticket price of LESS THAN $100. For Advanced Shopify users, this plan offers the most competitive processing rates even when figuring in Shopify's additional fees for 3rd party processing companies.

Monthly volume: $24,195
Average ticket: $43,60
Total Fees with MONEI: $700

With Shopify payments:
Monthly volume: $24,195
Average ticket: $43,60
Total Fees with Shopify Payments: $748

That's a $576 savings per year with MONEI!
Or all the way round: You pay $576 more with Shopify Payments!

Do you have a huge business?

We offer customized pricing. If your volume is larger than $60,000 per month, contact us.

Interchange plus is the most transparent, cost-effective form of merchant account pricing. By passing interchange fees (i.e. fees charged by issuing banks and credit card associations) directly to merchants with a fixed markup, surcharges and hidden costs are eliminated.

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