You can issue a refund at any time. Either issue a refund via the API or issue the refund from your dashboard. The refund should show up in 5-10 business days, depending on your customer’s bank.

There are two ways to issue a refund. You can click the [?] icon for “Refund Payment” next to the charge on your payments overview page, or you can go the page for the specific charge and click “Refund Payment.”

You can make whole or partial refunds.

When you issue a refund, the charges incurred to you are also refunded. If you make a full refund, the fee you paid to process the charge is fully refunded to you. If you make a partial refund, that percentage of the fee will be refunded to you. This means that for a full refund, your net cost is zero. For a partial refund, it will be the same as though you only charged the reduced amount in the first place.

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