We can send email receipts to customers for any charge.

You can send a receipt to your customer for charges created through the API. If you pass in a receipt_email with your charge creation request, we can send the receipt to their email address.

It’s also possible to save the customer’s default email address, so receipts can be automatically sent for recurring payments. To enable this, set up an email in the API and then go to your email settings and turn on customer receipts.

If you attached a receipt_email to a customer, it will override their default email address.

You can also send email receipts from your dashboard. If you are creating a one-time charge manually, just enter the customer’s email into “Receipt Email” and we will automatically send the receipt to your customer.

You can specify an email for all of a customer’s charges by indicating the email when creating the customer. If you click “email customers for successful payment,” email receipts will be sent to them automatically.

If necessary, you can send and resend email receipts up to 10 times. It’s possible to send the receipt to a different email address. You can see you complete receipt history on the charge’s page.

Personalize Your Receipts

You can customize your receipts with a custom logo and complimentary colors from the email section of your account settings. 


You will need to enable the option that says “Email customers for: receipts” when a refund belongs to a customer to ensure that a receipt is sent automatically. We send receipts automatically when one-off charges created with a receipt_email are refunded.

Third-Party Services

You can use third-party services for invoices, online storefronts, or to subscribe your customers to recurring payment plans. 

Custom email receipts through the API

You can build your own email receipts with our tools. This way, you can personalize every aspect of your email receipts.

You can look at the code for this here [link].

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