It might be necessary to submit your tax ID again. When we receive your EIN, we check it against the IRS database. We will request a corrected tax ID if we don’t receive a confirmation from the IRD that the legal name matches the EIN. You should make sure that your business name and EIN match on the one on form SS-4, provided by the IRS.

What if my submission matches my IRS information?

If we still shos that you have an incorrect ID, you might be in a special situation (see below). Otherwise, you might need to get in touch with the IRS to make sure you have the correct EIN and business name. It’s important to double check punctuation, spelling, and spacing.

I recently updated my business name

It’s possible that the IRS has not updated their database yet. In this case, we recommend that you temporarily use the old business name.

My new EIN was issued in the past three weeks

It can take time for the IRS to update their database. We will try again and until then you can ignore our messages.

I am an LLC

Sometimes the IRD associates your EIN with your name instead of your business name. We recommend that you try submitting again with your name.

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